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16 October 2023

Best vans for 2023 according to Anton

Don't let his youthful appearance distract you, because this sales tiger already has tons of experience and knows our market through and through. The ideal person to ask about the best vans for 2023. Moreover, he paid particular attention to our special editions. You can read it below.

Ford Custom

For good value for money, we quickly look to the Ford Custom. This model has already been 'Van of the Year' for several years because it is a premium van with a high-quality finish.

Mercedes-Benz Citan

With the Mercedes-Benz Citan, you enjoy the comfort of a sleek car every day in a classy interior that is typical to the brand. It was not elected 'Van of the Year' in 2022 for nothing, either.

Peugeot Boxer

The Peugeot Boxer is ubiquitous on the streets. We see it very frequently and that does not surprise us at all. For a very competitive price, the Peugeot Boxer offers many options, such as cruise control, distance alert, safety brake and all modern cameras and sensors. Furthermore, its handy cargo space makes it extremely suitable for transporting long materials such as pipes, shelves, ladders,...

Volkswagen Caddy

The perfect vehicle combining private and business is found in the Volkswagen Caddy. The extended version with double cabin offers five seats and plenty of cargo space which offers endless options. Specific to Volkswagen is top-notch workmanship and this is not different with the Caddy. For a good price, you have a workhorse that drives as agile as a Volkswagen Golf or Polo.

Special editions

A characteristic of our offer at ATL Renting is that we always have special editions in our range. Both our Smart Cargos and our box truck vans with loading lift are very popular with our customers. For a small additional cost compared to a standard Peugeot Boxer or Volkswagen Crafter, you have a particularly handy van equipped with numerous practical aspects such as a rear step, a sliding door to the loading space, sidebars that protect you from possible damage, folding racks, etc. A similar story are our vans equipped with a box and a loading lift. For example, you have a particularly multipurpose Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Peugeot Boxer with very high volume that is easy to load using a handy loading lift.

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