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05 January 2024

Best vans for 2024 according to Philip

This year, Philip is drawing plenty of attention to vans with an automatic gearbox. And he doesn't do this for no reason: "An automatic gearbox shifts quietly and at the best time, so it puts less strain on the engine," he says. "As a result, the latest vans with an automatic gearbox have become more fuel-efficient. You end up driving more relaxed and arrive at your destination sooner."

Find out his top 3 vans for 2024 below.

Volkswagen Caddy

The swift Volkswagen Caddy drives very comfortably, is extremely reliable and incredibly convenient to use. Especially the Caddy Drive Maxi version with long wheelbase is extremely interesting for both business and private use. It has five seats and a trunk that is still spacious enough with a depth of almost one and a half metres. Thanks to two practical sliding doors, rear doors with camera and because of the many windows, you have 360˚ visibility from all over the vehicle. Despite a relatively modest 122hp engine, this vehicle has a towing capacity of 1.5 tonnes. All this makes the Volkswagen Caddy, in my opinion, the best-placed van in our range for very diverse tasks.

Mercedes-Benz Vito

The Mercedes-Benz Vito is a smart closed van that our professionals rank particularly highly. This German powerhouse combines an unseen level of comfort, luxury and convenience. Thanks to a powerful 136 hp diesel engine, this vehicle has a towing capacity of 2.5 tonnes. This combined with a cargo space that is over 2.5 metres long, ensures that you can still transport an exceptional amount with this medium-sized van. Here at ATL Renting, we offer the Vito L3 114 CDI with 3 seats and, of course, a practical automatic transmission. Thanks to the many innovative technologies built into the Vito, you can maintain close contact with your customers smoothly on the road. In this way, you arrive at your destination well-informed and relaxed.


Our buyers have only recently added this luxury van to our range but its strengths are already immediately undeniable. The versatile and fully equipped MAN TGE with automatic transmission we offer is equipped with the latest safety systems. For a van of this size, being on the road with it is an exceptional pleasure. The engine with an output of 140 hp ensures that this van can be used for all tasks without any difficulties. The cargo space of the L3 version is no less than 3.45 metres deep and it has a towing capacity of 3 tonnes. So the MAN TGE is an all-rounder where high stakes were placed on quality and reliability. Furthermore, it is currently immediately available with us in L3 and L4 lengths.

Wondering which van is perfect for your business?
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