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22 October 2023

Volkswagen commercial vehicle? From now on also available at ATL Renting!

The van that suits your desires and activities is what we always try to offer at ATL Renting. That is why we keep tweaking our offer according to our customers' needs. With our range of Volkswagen vans, we make sure you are ready for the future.

"Our customers were keen to acquire a Volkswagen van for renting. Actually, by doing so, we are responding to a demand that had been around for some time," says Eric Beckers. "'It's often about business owners who were also used to driving a Volkswagen privately. They are looking for the extra Volkswagen comfort they are used to."

Volkswagen Caddy and Crafter vans according to needs

We have recently added the Volkswagen Caddy and Volkswagen Crafter to our range. Both types meet diverse needs of our customers. A Volkswagen Caddy is the brand's reliable all-rounder, which can be used by a courier, craftsman, delivery driver or contractor alike. With a Caddy, the focus is on the one hand on the versatile cargo space that can handle a relatively large amount, and on the other hand on an ergonomic workplace for the driver. In this way, we can professionally support our customers in a comfortable, reliable and flexible way.

For those for whom the Volkswagen Caddy proves to be a size too small, we have another solution in store. Those in need of a larger van can turn to ATL Renting for the Volkswagen Crafter. You get a van that lends itself extremely well to transporting heavy and large materials. Besides, the wide sliding door and the range of possible modifications offer more possibilities than ever. What's more, you don't have to compromise in terms of mobility when you need to be at a construction site in the middle of a busy city, for example. For those who want to combine mobility, power, functionality and comfort, this is the ultimate solution.

Affordable appearance

With these Volkswagen vans, we are adding an extra segment to our range. In doing so, we are answering to customers who want the functionality and versatility of a van, combined with style and comfort. For these customers, driving a Volkswagen offers a certain appeal for which they would otherwise already immediately have to look at a more expensive brand. So now they no longer have to.

The wide variety of makes we have in our portfolio allows us to look at each customer's needs first and foremost. Each make has its advantages that meet them better than the others. Depending on the available budget, we can then determine which van best suits what you need. Then the make would not play such a big role, unless of course the customer has a specific desire.

Curious about what we can do for you?

Are you looking for a van and would like to discuss your options? Or do you have questions about our renting formulas? Drop by or send an e-mail, we would be happy to discuss your options with no obligation!

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