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27 October 2023

Best vans for 2023 according to Christian

From the huge wealth of experience he has accumulated as a car enthusiast, Christian is able to completely dissect a car like a high-quality but slightly rebellious automotive journalist. As an admirer of Italian culture, he claims he would love to see a "tempting Italian donna" like the Fiat Ducato in our range. But we are not quite there yet. We are in any case incredibly curious as to which car he would take on a trip to Tuscany.

Peugeot Partner

Provided the ideal weather and road conditions, this high-performance van can reach its absolute top speed of 184 km/h. Braking from this speed to a standstill succeeds sublimely on a dry road surface within a distance of 150 metres thanks to large brake pumps that squeeze the brake pads against the ventilated and grooved discs so that braking works with a force of almost 6G without jamming. It sticks to the road, so to speak, and does not suffer from rolling tendencies in short corners. This sublime performance makes it perfect for use in short track races, but also in 24-hour races, as the 50-litre tank capacity does not require constant refilling. In this way, a lot of time can be saved by not having to visit the pit lane too much for refuelling.

OK, but now on a more serious note: The Peugeot Partner is not only a particularly beautiful van, it is above all very reliable and pleasant to drive. It has well-chosen proportions, an ideal wheelbase, precise steering, a 6-speed manual transmission, is equipped with around 100 hp and, of course, has very good brakes. All this makes for a perfectly balanced van with good road handling which, above all, is also surprisingly fuel-efficient. This is why I personally drive it as a company car myself.

Together with the Citroën Berlingo, it is currently the most affordable car in our range. It is not only an ideal car for courier services, but also for companies that want to offer their employees a fun and reliable company car. An additional advantage is that this car has a spacious bench seat that can transport 3 people.

Ford Custom (DC)

You get the feeling of driving a luxury car in a Ford Custom. It is a very nicely finished appearance that is assembled from high-quality materials. It is available with an automatic or a manual gearbox that can haul up to 2.8 tonnes, and with its 130 hp, it should be second to no other van. The many features and options only make driving a Ford Custom more enjoyable.

It comes as a regular 3-seater, but the version with a double cab can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people while still leaving more than enough cargo space. As a cycling enthusiast, I can easily fit our 2 Vespas , 2 racing bikes and all our luggage in it to go and follow the 'Strade Bianche' closely in Tuscany. So I can tell you from personal experience that it more than deserved the title 'Van of the Year'.

Ford Transit 2T

The finish level of this generation of Ford is of a particularly high standard. As with the Ford Custom, we see very solid materials, making the Ford Transit 2T Trend a comfortable van with very good price-performance ratio. In the crisp modern cabin, there are various charging and storage options, and the Apple Car Play system adds to the enjoyable driving experience.

The possibilities are endless; different categories in terms of engine power, load and towing capacity and available with us as both L3H2 and L4H3. Always in the same stylish appearance thanks to the typical Ford grill combined with the LED headlights. By the way, the Ford Transit wasn't voted Europe's safest van for nothing. It comes with plenty of options that make driving safer. So this car is absolutely worth a closer look and definitely deserves some attention by potential buyers. For more info or a test drive on our premises in Tessenderlo, please feel free to contact me!

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