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31 October 2023

Top 5 best vans for 2023

Our specialists shed their light on the best vans for 2023. The result is a particularly interesting top five with a surprising winner and also some exciting newcomers who are challenging our Ford models for a podium spot.

1. Ford Ranger

On the top of the podium, we find an atypical but not illogical winner. Connoisseurs know that a Ford Ranger is not an unwieldy beast, but rather a powerful workhorse that can literally and figuratively pull you out of the mud. With a high-quality engine of more than 200hp, a convenient cargo area and, most importantly, a maximum towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes, this model is equipped to handle a very wide variety of jobs.

The Ford Ranger's greatest assets are undoubtedly its versatility and the unique position it occupies within our range. For both private and work use, the possibilities are endless and unrivalled. Apart from the powerful benefits the Ranger has to offer, it is also simply a beautiful, spacious and comfortable vehicle with plenty of seating and state-of-the-art amenities. So you certainly don't have to compromise on luxury when you choose the Ford Ranger.

2. Ford Custom

No surprise at this 2nd place. The Ford Custom was voted 'Van of the Year' several times for a reason, and it proves this to our customers every day. For a very good price, it is an incredibly solid van for daily use. The high-quality materials from which it is constructed, combined with a powerful 130 hp engine, make it suitable for a wide variety of purposes. The double cab version is particularly popular. It offers the possibility of comfortably transporting up to six people and meanwhile you still retain more than enough cargo space. The modern standard options with which this van is equipped only make trips more pleasant. Enthusiasts therefore know that with a Ford Custom, you basically have a luxury car that will give you many safe miles with genuine driving pleasure.

3. Peugeot Boxer

The bronze this year goes to the handy all-rounder that can find its place in any fleet. The Peugeot Boxer simply has everything you want from a modern van at an affordable price: cruise control, distance alert, safety break and all the handy cameras, sensors and options you could want for a comfortable driving experience. It is therefore no surprise that it is so omnipresent in our streets. What is surprising, however, is how the Peugeot Boxer has such a gigantic cargo space and meanwhile does not get too big to still manoeuvre smoothly through the city.

So in terms of value for money, the Peugeot Boxer is always a very wise choice: big enough to handle most jobs and still extremely agile. Feel free to let it surprise you.

4. Citroën Berlingo

A newcomer to our portfolio and already in our top 5 for 2023. The many fans of the Citroën Berlingo will not easily turn their backs on this classic. This is not surprising, because for a relatively soft price you have an incredibly solid car that you will enjoy for a long time. That makes the Berlingo a very sensible choice in the category of smaller vans. We are already curious to see whether it will make it into our top 3 next year, as this charming model continues to conquer hearts on an everyday basis.

5. Mercedes-Benz Citan

We know from experience that you can be completely hooked on the Mercedes-Benz Citan after just one drive. This model guarantees an extremely comfortable experience in a beautifully finished and classy interior that is intrinsic to the brand. In fact, given the high-quality materials used to build the Citan, you still have an incredibly good deal for its price. All of this makes for a very complete van that, thanks to its compact design and incredibly practical loading height, is great for getting around the city centre smoothly and agile.

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