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12 October 2023

Best vans for 2023 according to Frederic

Frederic likes to see our customers driving around in cars that have the right look and offer them the necessary comfort. Curious about his choices for 2023? Read them below.

Peugeot Partner

Compared to other vans in its category, the Peugeot Partner has an elegant touch that you won't easily find elsewhere. In my opinion, this makes the Partner a pretty and comfortable car in the Peugeot range. Moreover, we offer it with a extensive package of options that make the car very complete.

Peugeot Expert

I am a lover of looks and comfort, two aspects that can be found in both the Peugeot Partner and the Expert. Both for work and for leisure, this car offers a lot of possibilities without being unnecessarily large. You can park it easily and it is equipped with all modern gadgets. During the week it can store a lot of equipment and in your spare time you can easily take 4 to 5 bicycles with you for a trip.

Ford Ranger

You imagine yourself in a luxury car when you drive a Ford Ranger. It looks great, is built like a tank and can also tow 3.5 tonnes. All this makes it an incredibly fun vehicle with tons of options.

Peugeot Boxer

A Peugeot Boxer has everything you need at an affordable price. Three seats, a huge cargo space, a comfortable driving experience,... This makes the Boxer an incredibly valuable all-rounder in any fleet. Moreover, it is surprisingly agile compared to other models. You can very easily make a u-turn with it!

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