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10 October 2023

“I was able to pick up my brand new rental van barely two weeks after ordering it.”

During the first lockdown, Fouad Kasmi decided to give up his office job and create his own electrical engineering company, specializing in the installation of solar panels. His new company obviously needed a van. And it was at ATL Renting that he found one.

How did you get to know ATL?

By doing some online research myself. I contacted three different companies. The contact with ATL Renting was excellent from the very start. So I very quickly decided to use the services of ATL Renting. At first, I was thinking about a Mercedes Vito or a Mercedes Sprinter. I had driven these vans before and I really liked them. Then ATL Renting offered me the Ford Transit 2T.

And it was the Ford Transit 2T that I finally chose.

A beautiful van, interesting in particular for its price/quality ratio. Above all, it is also very practical. Because I have enough space in the back to transport my solar panels and all my equipment. Rails are also mounted on the roof, which is perfect for transporting the pipes that I need during an installation. And the comfort for the driver is also remarkable. The seats are of excellent quality, the steering wheel is adjustable and has a modern on-board computer. I hardly feels like I am driving in a van, that's how pleasent it is! I also opted for the automatic transmission, which of course makes it a bit nicer to drive.

Pleasant selection procedure

The representative at ATL Renting accompanied me perfectly from start to finish. We were in lockdown when I first contacted him. In other words, the whole process took place over the phone or by email. The people at ATL Renting always remained available and I was able to ask them all my questions directly. As an entrepreneur, I found this all very convenient, but also very efficient. And with such clear communication, I also knew what to expect. I saw the Ford Transit 2T for the first time the day I went to collect the keys. It was exactly what I expected it to be.

Vehicle ready after two weeks

My selection procedure took about a month. Because I was very busy, it took a little longer than expected. And I needed to speed up the process near the end. But the people at ATL Renting managed to handle this very well. Because I was able to pick up my brand new Ford Transit 2T barely two weeks after ordering it. I did the lettering myself. But if I had time left, I would certainly have asked ATL to take care of it.

I am about to buy another Ford Transit 2T from ATL Renting. And since I'm in less of a hurry this time, I will let them take care of the lettering.

A van adapted to your needs

Do you have any questions about our renting formulas? Or are you looking for information about another vehicle? Send us an e-mail, without obligation, so that we can discuss the different possibilities!

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