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04 October 2023

Meet Frederic, representative at ATL Renting

How did you join ATL Renting?

 “When I was still working at a previous job, I applied to ASAP. My job didn't really suit me anymore, and I wanted to find something else. I received an email for a representative position at ATL Renting. The job description really appealed to me! I called to ask if I could come over and introduce myself, which was accepted. After my visit to ATL, I was totally convinced. Both the position and the people really appealed to me,” says Frederic Verbeeck.

At ATL since September 2021

“I'm working at ATL Renting for about two years now! I have worked in sales my entire career and I have always looked for the best strategies. Direct selling "hard sales" is not my thing, and I am not a fan of "soft sales" either. At ATL Renting, I have finally found the perfect balance. For about 65% of the week, I'm out in the field visiting clients who have made a request. Prospecting is also an important part of my job. At this point, I must admit that I am more and more at ease doing it. I mainly focus on small businesses, because we immediately see their direct interest in a vehicle. And our rental-purchase formulas are also attractive to them since there is no loan or interest rate."

I see myself more as an account manager

“My job title is 'representative', but I see myself more as an account manager. Because I do more than just represent ATL Renting. All customer requests come directly to my desk. Whatever the size of the problem, we provide a practical solution and I am their single point of contact! And I'm happy to help them! It's what I like best about my job. Provide the best possible assistance to the customer before, during and after the sale."

Collegial atmosphere

“I also take care of the administration. It's a little less my thing, but my job is very varied, it is necessarily a part of it. I'm at the ATL headquarters about twice a month. It's not often, and yet I have a good relationship with my colleagues. This is also ATL! Even if we rarely see each other, relations between colleagues are very good. This is one of the reasons I chose ATL Renting! Everyone helps each other with pleasure.

And after work? I am a bon vivant and I like meeting up with my friends and family. I also like to try different sports, although I haven't yet found the perfect one for me. It's also another work in progress (laughs)."

Curious about what Frederic can do for your company?
Are you looking for a vehicle? Or do you have questions about our rental-purchase formulas?
Come visit us or send an email to frederic@atlrenting.be.
He will be at your disposal to explain the possible options, without obligation!

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