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07 October 2023

No need for a loan thanks to these flexible rental formulas

“Finding a rental van for my company? After having told the same story 10 times over again, my car dealer advised me to go to ATL Renting. I immediately saw what they could bring to the table!"

Read the complete interview with Jeffry, independent window installer for Kwadro.

ATL Renting was recommended to him for a rental van

“As a window installer, I had been looking for a van for quite some time. A practical solution preferably, one that I could also use for my family. Quickly, my choice fell on the Peugeot Boxer. A large van with a big cargo space in the back. Exactly what I needed. I discussed it with my car dealer near me, who advised me to go to ATL Renting,” says Jeffry.

After having told the same story 10 times over again…

“So I contacted ATL Renting to see what they could offer me… Christian, their representative, listened to my story and my situation, and together we reviewed all the possibilities. Christian showed a lot of empathy, and was able to immediately understand what I needed. Very quickly, things became clearer: I was going to rent my van from ATL Renting!"

Everything went off on wheels

“The contracts have been signed, and everything that was agreed has been respected. I think I speak for a lot of entrepreneurs when I say this is something I really appreciate! Everything went smoothly and seamlessly from start to finish. The result ? A week after the first appointment, I was already behind the wheel of my new Peugeot Boxer! Less than two weeks later, the odometer was already showing 1,700 km, so my new van had clearly proven itself,” Jeffrey laughs.

A single point of contact

“When I had any questions, I could always contact the same person, a single point of contact! It's easy and convenient at the same time, because there's nothing more annoying than unanswered questions. When you have a single point of contact, he immediately knows your situation and is able to think on the same level as you. This is exactly how things have happened, and continue to happen, at ATL Renting. I recommend ATL Renting to all my friends, acquaintances and family. The service and the way of working really exceeded all my expectations”, Jeffrey concludes.

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