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09 February 2024

Best vans for 2024 according to Christian

We have plenty of interesting commercial vehicles available again. Christian picks out 4 exciting models to take a closer look at. Plus, you get some tips on top of that!

Citroën Ber'lungo'

Among the smaller models in our range, the L2 version of the Citroën Berlingo is unofficially renamed the Citroën Ber'lungo' from now on. This XL version of the Berlingo is offered by ATL Renting with an automatic gearbox and 3 front seats. Thanks to the latest technologies, the performance and driving characteristics of this Berlingo approach the standards of an everyday passenger car, making this practical and spacious van extremely suitable as both a company car and a personal vehicle.

The long wheelbase creates good straight-line stability, which provides a pleasant driving experience on highways. But even in the city, this van is surprisingly light-steering, making it easy to manoeuvre through traffic. Conclusion: an attractive-looking van that can also be used for family trips. It is particularly easy to drive and is also available at an interesting and acceptable price.

Tip: Did you know, by the way, that ATL Renting can also provide your logo and publicity on your commercial vehicle? Be sure to ask for a price quote.

Citroën Jumpy

Perhaps not much bigger than our Ber'lungo', but thanks to a higher step-in, the Citroën Jumpy puts you in a slightly higher driving position. As a driver, this gives you a very good view of what is going on around you in traffic. In our range of 'medium' models, the Citroën Jumpy L2 is therefore a very appealing van. Aesthetically too, by the way; the well-known Citroën logo is very nicely integrated into the snout of this model, giving it a very elegant look. Personally, I think this looks best on a black model. With ease, the Jumpy combines comfort, useful volume and load capacity. This makes it the ideal vehicle for your transportation needs in and around the city. Longer goods can be easily placed under the right front seat thanks to the practical 'Moduwork' option where a hatch can be opened to the cargo space. In addition, the Jumpy is equipped with various storage compartments, an adjustable writing desk and plenty of USB connections. So, in other words, it is also a mobile office.

The flagship that has made Citroën famous since time immemorial cannot be missing either, of course. The Jumpy's brilliant suspension provides excellent shock absorption on the road. If we then also place it under the measuring rod, we end up with a height under 1m90. This means you still have easy access to all kinds of underground parking. In short; the Jumpy is definitely worth checking out. It would be my pleasure to present the car to you.

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Peugeot Expert

I recently became the proud driver of a new company car, a Peugeot Expert with double cabin and 6 seats. This 'medium' model from ATL Renting with manual gears has now become wildly popular and we can see that for ourselves in our stats. The many options that come with the Expert simply make driving safer and simpler than ever. It has 2 convenient sliding doors, good handling and despite being a double cab, it still has a large cargo space. This way, the Expert combines an optimal level of comfort, modest consumption and a very pleasant driving experience. What more could one want?

In fact, we also offer the Peugeot Expert with an automatic transmission and in different colours. Such a suitable van at very good value for money makes this model a very sought-after product in this category. One reason to go for the manual version is, for example, to have to tow a trailer. A task the Peugeot Expert performs without any problems up to 2.5 tonnes, for that matter. Really worth it, all in all.

Tip: Did you already know that ATL Renting can take care of fitting a towbar at an interesting price? So be sure to let us know if you want one.

Fiat Ducato

Finally, among our larger models, I would like to ask for a round of applause for our 2024 'Prom Queen'; the Fiat Ducato. This car really needs no further introduction, but I'll give it anyway! This best-selling commercial vehicle in Europe has been Fiat's top seller for 40 years, and this doesn't come out of the blue. Years of reliability are combined with state-of-the-art comfort. And it is no different with this 8th generation. At first glance, this car may look identical to its Citroën, Peugeot or Opel siblings, but underneath it is a completely different story. A lot of options make this car just that little bit different and more pleasant. The Multijet3 generation engine, for instance, is also a very different experience. This one is more economical, quieter and more reliable. With a great horsepower to torque ratio (350 Nm at 1400 rpm in the 140hp version!), it scores optimally in terms of consumption and power. But it is also an outsider in terms of loading capacity. Thanks to its lighter chassis and engine, the Ducato has a capacity of up to 2.2 tonnes.

Regarding the interior, it is immediately noticeable that this is the Italian scion of the family where function and design are nicely interwoven. Modified storage spaces, an upgraded dashboard, ergonomic steering wheel and gear lever, electronic handbrake, multifunction display packed with options and multimedia features, extra cup holders, enhanced seats, the list is endless. In short, it is a pleasure to indulge in this Italian luxury.

The Fiat Ducato is the only one in its family available with an automatic gearbox and this is therefore the version we are now offering, both in the most common L3 length and in the longer L4 version. Thanks to our renting offer, with the Fiat Ducato at ATL you now have a highly reliable van with automatic transmission at a very reasonable price. Without exaggeration, this is the perfect van for almost any business. I would therefore like to invite you to come to our office in Tessenderlo to take a look at the newest Ducato.

Tip: Did you know that ATL can also take care of your company car interior ? Be sure to ask about the possibilities and prices.

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