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06 February 2024

Second-hand delivery van? 3 reasons why renting is more interesting!

Second-hand delivery van? Rather choose a new one! But what are the biggest advantages of buying a new van? We list them for you below! 

No unlimited options and possibilities for second-hand vehicles

When you choose a new van, the options are often much more elaborate. Depending on your available budget, you decide on your options. An assistance system or rear view camera? The choice is yours. Either way, all recent models today are equipped with the latest technological gadgets.

Greater chance of unexpected costs with a used model

When you purchase a used van, you don't know how the previous driver(s) drove the vehicle. The chances of it breaking down are very real. With a new van, on the other hand, reliability is much higher. And at the same time, you also enjoy several years of warranty! So are there unexpected issues in that case? Then you can have it repaired without any problem.

A second-hand van is a more expensive purchase

When you are buying a used van, you have to pay the full amount in one time. When you rent a van from ATL Renting, this is not the case thanks to our flexible renting formulas. For example, you only have to pay an initial increased rent and a deposit, making it much more beneficial.

Curious about what we can do for you?

Are you looking for a delivery van and would you like to discuss your options? Or do you have questions about our renting formulas? Drop by or send us an e-mail, we will gladly discuss your options without any obligation and provide you with all the info you need!

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