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09 October 2023

Get to know our representative Anton!

You have almost certainly seen Anton Kerkhofs! Since November 2020, Anton has been a representative for ATL Renting.

In this blog, he tells us more about his job!

Customers come before numbers

“Before working for ATL Renting, I was a salesman for regional printing press. A harsh business, where numbers took precedence over human relations. I quickly realized that I preferred to devote myself to developing and maintaining client relationships rather than focusing on sales. I came across this job offer at ATL Renting and decided to go for a first interview. I didn't have much experience or knowledge in the field of delivery vans, but that didn't stop me,” says Anton.

Selling a service instead of delivery vans

“The first meeting was pleasant. I would manage to acquire the knowledge of delivery vans quickly enough. As I had anticipated, this job promised to be very varied. I still seem to learn something new every day because I am in contact with many different industries. From transport, to the delivery industry and construction: it is all there. Whatever the request is, I try to work out a solution which is completely according to the customer's needs. That is why I believe that at ATL Renting, we do not sell vehicles, but rather provide a service. It is this complete service package that our customers greatly appreciate!

Truly satisfied customers

“Our customers are truly satisfied, that is what I find most enjoyable about my job. How do we achieve this? Our very short delivery times certainly have something to do with it. And this is unique, especially in times when demand is greater than supply. An entrepeneur's time is enormously precious, and this is one of the greatest strengths of ATL Renting. We gladly come by for an appointment and afterwards we also do our best to relieve the customer”, explains Anton.

My sales strategy? Belief in our service.

“I don't have a sales strategy. I strongly believe in the services we offer and it works! I firmly believe that we help a lot of entrepreneurs, thanks to our excellent service. At ATL Renting, customers have the guarantee that our vans are brand new, so they always choose quality.”

Curious about what Anton can do for you?
Are you looking for a vehicle? Or do you have questions about our rental-purchase formulas? Come visit us or send an email to anton@atlrenting.be. He will be at your disposal to explain the possible options, without obligation!

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