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10 May 2024

Best vans for 2024: Our top 5

What are the best vans for 2024? Our experts took an in-depth closer look at the range of modern vehicles. Ford's reign seems to have been broken this year thanks to some newcomers who immediately rank incredibly high. The very popular and reliable Peugeot Boxer also narrowly misses out on a place in the top 5 this time. The competition among the larger vans is particularly fierce, with MAN, Fiat, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz all offering very reliable vehicles.

The result is an interesting top 5 that looks almost completely different from last year.

1. Volkswagen Caddy

The clear winner of our "Top 5 Best Vans of 2024" has been part of our portfolio since the summer of 2023 and has catapulted straight to this first place during that period. All our experts praise the Volkswagen Caddy because of its exceptionally high level of comfort in all possible facets. A Caddy offers an extremely comfortable driving experience reminiscent of a modern passenger car, while the cargo space is still remarkably large for such a compact van. This makes this model the ideal solution for self-employed people who do not need an oversized van but still want to have sufficient convenient cargo space.

Of course, in addition to being an entrepreneur, you are often also a father or mother. When you need to combine work and private life and want to make long-distance trips with the whole family, for example, the Volkswagen Caddy with double cab is the perfect family car. Despite a relatively modest 2-liter diesel engine and 122 horsepower, this car has a towing capacity of 1.5 tons and glides over the asphalt like no other. On top of that, we offer it with an automatic transmission that allows you to face any job with peace of mind. All these assets make the Volkswagen Caddy the best-placed van for very diverse jobs and a very well-deserved No. 1 in our top 5 of 2024.

2. Fiat Ducato

Years of reliability are combined with always the most modern comfort in the sense of defining options that immediately promote the Fiat Ducato from very fresh newcomer to 2nd place in our top 5. The arrival of the Ducato allows us at ATL Renting to offer a highly reliable van of its size with an automatic transmission at a very reasonable price.

In terms of fuel consumption and performance, the Fiat Ducato scores optimally with an engine that is more efficient, discrete, lighter and more reliable than ever. This combined with a framework that still weighs relatively little ensures a loading capacity of still 2.2 tonnes. Not surprisingly, the experts at ATL Renting are very pleased to be able to offer this model as it provides the perfect solution for many companies.


The bronze this year also goes to a newcomer in our range. With the MAN TGE, we offer a luxury van whose qualities are undeniable. As with the Fiat Ducato, we are talking about a larger model with an automatic gearbox that makes driving incredibly enjoyable. Thanks to state-of-the-art safety systems and a powerful 140 hp engine, this versatile van can be used for the most diverse jobs without any problems. Core strengths like 'high-quality' and 'reliability' make the MAN TGE an all-rounder that has swiftly earned its place in our top 3 of 2024.

4. Citroën Berlingo

Last year the highest newcomer in our top 5, this year a now well-established model that, unfortunately for its fans, again just missed out on a podium spot. The Citroën Berlingo remains very popular, however, and is therefore not coincidentally the only remaining competitor from our 2023 top 5.

Just like direct competitor Volkswagen Caddy, the Berlingo as a lighter van offers the extremely pleasant driving experience of a passenger car at an interesting price while retaining plenty of cargo space. The latest technologies integrated into a stylish Citroën design make this versatile model a highly practical van that is compact and light enough to manoeuvre easily through the city. But thanks to a powerful 130 hp engine, a Berlingo can also make smooth deliveries over longer distances. The result is an attractive-looking van that can also serve as a family car and offers a valuable addition to any company fleet.

5. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Last year, our 5th place went to the Mercedes-Benz Citan. This year, though, it is its bigger brother that still manages to fall just inside our top 5. Those looking for a larger van to cover longer distances will find the ideal solution at Mercedes-Benz that guarantees comfort, reliability, quality and flexibility. Thanks to a powerful 170 hp engine and rear-wheel drive, this van can not only carry an extraordinary amount in its gigantic cargo space, but also tow 3.5 tonnes. Even when heavily loaded on typical Belgian roads, this model remains a real pleasure to drive comfortably for an entire day. All this makes the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter an incredibly reliable and versatile van that is well worth its investment.

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